Starfarers and Tharnians

71NuqFPpXPLSet in a hostile galaxy mirroring real nations and world events, standing against the evil aliens known as tharnians, is a reluctant hero named Jarre, his flippant, 80’s retro sidekick Ky, and his ‘tough as nails’ love interest, Ganna.

Never mind the tharnians, along the way our spacefarers will also have to battle each other and themselves (love, lust, anger, addiction and deception are just the entree) in this space opera where everyone is out to get them, from bounty hunters to a scantily clad dominatrix! They also attempt to fulfil an ancient prophecy and uncover an insidious plot to force the free universe to bow down to the most cunning of enemies – humans!

It’s apocalyptic, character-driven science fiction where the twists keep coming.

Liv81i8mrhGgVLing in a sleepy Queensland country town named Rosewood, Paddy is one of the local ‘bad boys’ and even at a young age, has a history of getting on the wrong side of the law. With a record for driving under the influence he runs down a cyclist while, as luck would have it, sober. Afraid that he’ll be presumed guilty with no judge or jury in the state believing otherwise, he flees the scene and goes to ground.

Police investigating should have an open-and-shut case, yet two questions remain. Why did she turn in front of him? Did the collision kill her or … did someone else come back to finish the job?

With the ‘help’ of a young boy named Charlie, who could be his friend or his foe, Paddy must find out what really happened as he determines to ‘put things right’.

Ruminations Of A Wayfarer – Reboot

51o7C4Zj6kLThis classic Sci-Fi space opera has been rebooted and now contains a brand new ending. Their aim is nothing short of universal domination by means of war. So far their plans have not gone astray and they enjoy victory after victory over the ‘lesser’ life forms of the galaxies. But now, as a persistent pest can disrupt a glorious picnic, an insignificant human threatens to upend the grand strategy of the Tharnian species…his name is Jarre.

In a twist and turn accounting of his stubborn fight against the all-consuming race of destroyers, Jarre’s exploits are time and again suborned by more backstabbing characters than you will find in a meeting of butlers at a mystery convention. Just when you think you have a handle on which way the plot will proceed, be prepared for a sharp, warp-speed turn in the opposite direction.

There are no slow downs or let ups in this story and a new surprise lurks behind every planet. This is David Hearne’s first novel and his imaginative writing skills draw you into well-crafted worlds populated by enormously believable characters.